PostGreSQL ... Please?

PostgreSQL is beginning to be REQUIRED by many software packages. MySQL4 just isn’t grunty enough to handle some of the larger, more intensive stuff without causing a high I/O Load.

Chris, back in October, you said, “…it’s been nearly two years since we had more than sporadic requests for it. I’m sure it will be added eventually, but right now there are other features which have a higher priority.” It could very well be threads like that that keep …

We’re three years down the line now. It’s only getting more necessary every day…

Hi Catalyst,

It’d be helpful if you could provide a list of these software packages that require postgreSQL (the more popular the better!) so we can be sure to test them when postgreSQL support is added to the control panel. Or, software packages that support both MySQL and postgreSQL, but where postgreSQL is preferred, etc.



We are not only an hosting company but also a IT Services company.

We’ve already done some installations of some very good open source ERP/CRM that use PostGreSql. Indeed, more and more little company want to use Open source CRM/ERP and the majority of these softs use PoSTGreSql

Some of them :
Compiere (Java/postgresq, l

But it’s true that these softs are more professionnal and postgresql is used ibn this case, for most of the case

I don’t think it is the strategic direction that Interworx want to develop, but if it’d be then we could speak about TOMCAT too ! ?


I would like PostgreSQL as an added feature to, more and more people are asking for it.

By the way, this is a nice benchmark MySQL vs. PostgreSQL: