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I recently began helping a friend that uses interworx on their dedicated server. I have to say the panel is very nice and easy to use. That being said I think it’s pretty sad that in 2004 you promised users debian/freebsd support that it was coming blah blah blah. 9 years later it’s still not supported. I was going get quite a few servers with interworx on it but i guess that’s out the door as i don’t use RHEL based distro’s. If after 9 years your still not to the point of a stable release on a support operating system that has me wondering about how long exploits and what not take to fix. I understand completely why you don’t give ETA’s on releases but 9 years come on that’s is absolutely crazy.

Hi eyecu

I hope you don’t mind, and we are seperate from interworx, but I thought I’d answer some of your comments based on our experience as follows

We have been using interworx for almost 2 years on centos 6 64 but, and we did a lot of research and control panel testing first. We have recently purchased 2 more full licences because we are that impressed with interworx, for all of the reasons you mention, and more.

I have to say the speed at which support is given, issues fixed etc is nothing short then excellent. We have had and found some issues, which were fixed the same day, as an example, on their last release, 5.0.8 I think a new release was given within 24 hours due to some unforeseen issues, to correct them and now works fully as expected. I know because like some users, I reported some issues found. How many companies react that quickly, and no they were not security orientated.

I think ever OS has it’s bugs, shortcomings and good points, which patching if bugs is not in the control of interworx, same with any third party integration.

I understand people’s opinion over which OS they prefer, and many like yourself sing praises of their OS, but most I think tend to stick with their known preferred OS, but same could be said about other control panels, but I think interworx is fast becoming a major player, because people are giving it a try and liking it, even changing their OS to a supported version, like centos, cloud linux, secured Linux etc

I can’t comment on any promises made, and we don’t use Debian but I’m sure they will have had their reasons, commercial or otherwise, and as a company would not give these out.

Please do not think I’m having a go at you, I was only trying to express my thoughts, and known knowledge of interworx based on nearly 2 years experience.

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I appreciate your input. From what I can tell from research I can agree about bug fixes and what not. From what I can tell so far I can definitely agree with the quality of the control panel, Over the years I’ve used various control panels…cpanel, plesk, directadmin, ispconfig, webmin, zpanelcp to name a few lol. I can tell from a user experience interworx is pretty straight forward and easy to navigate and I love that. For me it doesn’t really matter as I’m used to working through subsystems but some of my partners want to be able go click a button and it’s done. From that point of view interworx had done a phenomenal job. I guess i just get pissy at panels only supporting 1 distro or distro branch. Yes there are freeware ones that support more and what not and out of the major players (and I’m counting interworx as a major player) Plesk is the only one that supports more then just rhel/centos based distro’s.

As for the promise part of my post im referring to this thread

3 posts in that thread specifically date 08-14-2005 and 09-06-2005 state it’s being worked on, they’ve hired someone to work on it and it will happen just not next week or even next month. That i do find crazy 2005 it was being worked on and since then nothing. No official We aren’t working on it any more, it will never happen, nothing.

Hi eyecu

Many thanks, and yes I understand your point of view. I guess it would have been better to publish a post stating it’s not been worked on anymore but I’m also thinking it might be one of those things that gets pushed back and then forgotten until now. If you know what I mean, I think were all guilty of that to a degree.

I’m so glad we share the same thoughts, and yes, we’ve tested those as well.

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Hi Eyecu,

I think the best answer to this is that we’ve learned a lot since the company was founded in 2004. One of those things is not to promise major features without really making sure they’ll get done :slight_smile:

What happened with Debian support is similar to what John said. In the early days, we were really excited and eager to include everything folks wanted. However, as things started happening and the work continued, we realized we needed to focus on the really core things our users needed – things like multi-server clustering, general security improvements, bandwidth monitoring, more recently IPv6, etc. – which has pretty effectively taken up our available time. Also, the hosting world has developed to a point where well over 90% of hosts are running CentOS or RHEL-based distros, which has made alternative OS support a lower priority.

That being said, I won’t say it will never happen, because nothing is really certain. However, I can tell you that Debian support is not under current active development.

Lastly, we do have a new feature request system that makes it easier for us to see what’s really important to our customers – Definitely add it to the list!

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