Prevent running of executables

I want to sell web hosting with shell access but do not want users to be able to run servers on their accounts. Any way I can have it this way on account creation instead of manually modifying a user’s shell?

Do you mean when a siteworx account is created, it automatically activates ssh and picks a certain shell?

Yes. How can I prevent someone from running something like a teamspeak server or minecaft server.

I’m not sure it’s possible to do a technical fix for this one - You might have to simply make it against your TOS and watch your users - If you find traffic that’s shaped like TeamSpeak or Minecraft or other game servers, you could then terminate the user in question’s hosting contract.

Actually we can probably look at making some sort of process watcher that will find processes matching a certain string that aren’t being run by root or iworx and send you an alert/kill the running process.

We can also try to make it possible to specify a shell on siteworx creation. I assume you are trying to specify the jailkit shell.

I’ll put these in as feature requests for you.

Yeah I was thinking along those lines as well. Like an alert if a client is using a certain amount of ram and cpu or maybe have a string identifer where I can point it to a given program and it will alert me if anything mathcing that program is running.

I used to use Plesk and my favorite feature with that easily breakable panel is that I could set a default cpu and ram usage cap for any given account or account template. Would this be possible? So far I’m loving this panel, but I need to be able to lock down shell features a bit but still have it available. Shell access is a standard these days.