Primary Name server

I registered 1 name server throu yahoo, and I changed the primary nameserver in the yahoo domain control panel to: and I left the secondery to, I had put for my primary DNS in interworx and I had put for my secendery DNS in interworx. I has been more than 80 hours and the domain still points at yahoo, is there any solution for my problem? should I change my secendery DNS in interworx to

No… Both your nameservers should point to your DNS server. Change your secondary.

right now I have 1 interworx server, what would I need to do to make my DNS work? Do I need to setup another interworx server or DNS server for my secendary DNS? And do both of them need diffrent public IP addresses?

You don’t need a second InterWorx server, but you do need a second, and different, IP address for your secondary nameserver.


And even separate IP’s is not 100% required (I’ve used the same IP for both nameservers before) but HIGHLY recommended because if someone balacklists your IP then both of your nameservers could appear “down” or if your DC nul routes the IP, same effect.