private tld on local development server

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I was thinking it would be great to have a local installation of an iworx server in order to develop websites on it and then migrate those easily to one of our live servers.
So far so good. In order to save me the hassle of configuring our Windows DNS to sync with the iworx DNS I simply added a conditional forwarder with the TLD “dev” to the Windows DNS.
Now any lookup of e.g. points to the IP of the iworx server. Great.

Setting up a siteworx account on the internal iworx server with the .dev tld is no problem, but if I try to open in chrome, I get “ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED”

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Hi Michael

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I’d check for a htaccess file and make sure it’s permission and access is correct

Hope that helps

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Hi John,

all’s well, just a tiny bit too much work :wink: And you are great, I hope?

I checked, there’s no htaccess file, nor anything in the directory options in siteworx.

If I enter a non-existing domain like I get ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

So the name siteworx account’s resolves correctly to the servers IP, but I can’t figure out, why it doesn’t show…

Hmm, figured it out. Must have been my several tries tampering with a lot of stuff. A second account with another domain works right away. Thanks again

Hi Michael

Sorry for delay, for some reason, tapatalk is faulting on mobile

I would never have thought of that sorry, but glad it’s resolved and thanks for posting.

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