Pro Rating???

I was about to order interworx but what is up with this Pro Rating. NO WHERE on the site does it say anything. I admin another interworx machine and they were also charged this pro rated fee. There is no way that I will buy Interworx @ this time since NO where on your site does it say anything. And I was also looking into reselling Interworx. But @ this time I?m rethinking it.

Please let me know why this is not mentioned anywhere on the site. And why you even have it. The Sooner I have a reply the more likely I?m to order.


We bill on the first of each month, so the prorating is the price from when you sign up to the 1st of the next month. So if you were to sign up today, you get charged a fraction of the cost for the remaining days in this month and then the full month for the next month. The leased license is $24.95 per month. Right now we’re 8 days into January. The math is like this:

$24.95/31 days * 23 days left in January = $18.51 for January and another $24.95 for February = $43.46

And then you won’t have to pay again until March 1st.

I’d love to see the embarrassed look on that arrogant ass’s face now!

Who the hell doesn’t know what pro-rating means?:rolleyes:

Now now, guys…play nice. :slight_smile: