Problem Detector: Nearly Full Partitions - Bad Default Threshold

I got the problem detector notification for an InterWorx box with the /chroot partition 95% full. My first thought was "95% full? Is that with or without the likely ext3 filesystem 5% reservation for the root user? I found the partition was 95% full with < 50 MB remaining. The reserved 5% wasn’t factored in, of course. I’m not suggesting the detector account for reservations, but rather setting the default threshold at 95% seems too close for comfort anyway. I have ours all set at 80% now, which I realize is only giving 15% headroom on any server I haven’t disabled the default 5% root reservation.

This is just a suggestion, but it borderlines on a bug in my opinion because the problem detector was almost too late and I feel like it would be with most configurations out there.

Hi jimp

Nice tip, I checked our systems and we had not changed this, which I’m not sure why as we changed the siteworx space.

Many thanks