Problem with 6.3.9 upgrade

Cant acces siteworx from nodeworx
Canta acces phpMyAdmin

Does some one has the same problem ? any idea how to solve ?

Hi omelin

Many thanks and sorry to hear you have issues

I would first update to RC 6.3.9 which should I believe resolve your issue but I personally have not experienced those issues.

If after updating to IW RC 6.3.9 you still have issues, I would open a support ticket with your license provider for quickest resolution, or we would need more details to help resolve / such as distro and if dedicated or vps

Lastly, have you restarted server

Actually, do you mean you cannot login to nodeworx/siteworx due to maintenance display

If so, ssh into your server and run as sudo or root

rm /home/InterWorx/etc/env/maintenance*

Many thanks and I hope that helps a little bit please update your post with your resolution


do you solve it?