Problem with internal and external IP

We have a server running Nodeworx, the server is attached to our internal network and we connect using it’s LAN IP address, it is also assigned a static WAN IP–whenever a site owner wants to connect to Siteworx, they get the splash screen, but the url for the siteworx login page is using the LAN IP so they get a Server Not Found error in their browser.

Also, if we’re working on developing a new site and the owner has not transfered the DNS to our server, we’ve been using LAN.IP/~sitenam/index.html to view the site internally with no problem, but when a client tries using WAN.IP/~sitename/index.html (which should point to the same location) they also get a Server Not Found error. Yet sites using the server DNS load with no problem.

In the IP management panel, we have the IP address set to the LAN IP and the External (DNS) set to the WAN address.

Let me know if you need any more info on this to answer.



You’ll need to do some manual config file changing to get this to work how you want. Please note that IWorx-CP isn’t meant to work in an environment like this so some of these changes may interrupt normal iworx functionality (like being able to see lists of accounts per IP and editing IP addresses on a per-SiteWorx-account basis).

First, you’ll have to edit:


and add the line:

NameVirtualHost WAN-IP

Then, you’ll need to edit each client file in /etc/httpd/conf.d/<client> and augment the following:


<VirtualHost LAN-IP>


<VirtualHost LAN-IP WAN-IP>

SiteWorx itself should work regardless of what IP you use (try restarting the iworx process if this isn’t the case by doing a “service iworx restart” at the root prompt).