Problems with License fail

Hello everyone, I’m having problems with my license, apparently it’s not a problem on my servers, since the 2 are having the same problem and of course, the licenses are paid on time. However, I get the following error when I try to force license revalidation via ssh:

XMLRPC error encountered
Code: 8
Error: CURL error: Unable to communicate securely with peer: requested domain name does not match the server’s certificate.

I believe the problem is the domain security certificate that validates the license. Searching a lot I found that technically speaking, the domain was supposed to be the validation domain, but looking at the technical support part, I saw that it has the domain, this domain has an SSL error and probably causing the validation of the licenses to fail, could someone from interworx help with this validation? I already opened a ticket, but I’m worried about the licenses stopping working and losing access to the servers through the panel.


I am sure IW will respond soon to your ticket

Please remember they are USA

I would not think this is IW ssl on licence servers as if they were, all servers would be failing licence

Your websites would remain working but access to control panel would be limited and I think it has a 12 hour limit before this happens could even be longer

Many thanks


We switched everyone’s servers to use our new license domain many months ago, so anyone who experiences this issue should check that their server is up to date. If you’re not at least on 7.13.9, you likely have an issue with yum updates completing. This should appear in the “Health” section of the NodeWorx interface as a “Yum Update Failing” error.

The most common reason we’ve seen is the removal of the 10.2 repos by MariaDB last August. More information here: Potential yum issue due to MariaDB 10.2 EOL

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