Problems with multilingual usage of Nodeworx


I think I did talk this with Paul, but it has come up again and I think it is quite a problem for us, multilingual users.

In my specific case I support the Spanish translation of Nodeworx and there are a couple of problems:

  • When upgrading from 3.0.4 all the names containing accents (??i??) where simply left blank.

  • When creating any hosting package, when using any “non standard” character (like ?,?,???), the validation system says: “no, no…” (See attachment)

Paul said this was because the internal database was upgraded/ported to UTF (I think!). I do understand the advantages of this, but this leaves ALL the non-English speaking users of the control panel OUT!

Any ideas/comments on the subject?




As a sidenote, the translation problem was handled shortly after this - Unicode characters shouldn’t throw errors in NodeWorx or SiteWorx anymore.