Problems with qmail

Hi. I was a cPanel user. In the past I’ve used to configure my accounts to use remote mail server for sending emails.
I would do something similar also on my server with Interworx because all mailboxes are under the domain registrar servers, I just host website.
Additionally, I am not able anymore to send emails from WordPress contact forms.
Can you help me?
Thank you

Hi marco3819

Welcome to IW forums

Sorry you have not stated where your domains use IW dns or registra dns.

All you need to do is correctly set the dns MX record for email

If IW server just serving websites, no forwarders are need

Goto nodeworx nodeworx and set to disable local delivery for email

If domains already setup, goto their siteworx account and administration email and disable local email delivery

Once done, your Wordpress sites will start to correctly deliver email

Many thanks