problems with V5.0.15 fresh install

Thank you all

is this mean the problem is solved with installation script ? so when we install a fresh IW this problem will not show up again ?

[QUOTE=d2d4j;26923]Hi Brett

Excellent news, thanks.
I have tested this and can confirm all is well and works as expected.
Port 587 is not shown in Firewall, and not open after install - easily remedy by adding it into firewall though.
You guys rock
Many thanks
confirmed , in my new IW is the same , I had to open it myself

Hi cartman10mpi

Yes, installing a fresh IW completes correctly.

The secondary open port not been opened in firewall, I think IW are aware off, but I’ll email IW to confirm tommorow, but this was not part of this post thread, and does not stop the installer working

Many thanks