Process taking big server load

Since yesterday I have this process running and taking a big load on the server:

20323 iworx-ro 25 0 151m 17m 6328 R 99.6 0.4 864:54.74 php-cgi

What is this?
How can I stop it?

I restarted the Apache server but that did not work.

What should I do?



Hi Rodrigo,

I’m sure you have already fixed this but let me respond just to get the info out there:

the iworx-ro user is what roundcube runs as - unfortunately roundcube is a very resource intensive webmail client and many users using it simultaneously will dramatically increase load than if they were using horde or squirrel mail. You may want to consider disabling roundcube if you have a busy server with many people using webmail.

I killed the processes and that fixed it