Progress of import mass transfer no longer works


I’ve seen this a few times now on couple of different machines. I cannot rely on the progress indication for Import Mass Transfer. Its just goes on forever, but I see that the site has imported - but not sure if I have 100%. This used to work nicely and I could tell what was done and what was not by keeping the page open.

Are others experiencing this or is it just me? I am planning to do some mass migrations of several servers and I am hoping to see a fix for this prior to this migration project.

Destination server
interworx version 5.0.15-700
CentOs 6.6

Source server
interworx version 5.0.15-700
CentOs 5.11

Any ideas?



Hi javapipe

I have to honest, and I have not noticed this sorry, but to be honest, we have not as yet had to transfer sites except for testing.

I will test a site transfer though, but it will be in a few days or so before I can due to work commitments.

Please could I ask though, what is the size of site you are seeing this on

I’ll update my test result when completed

Many thanks


I’m planning on doing a similar big move in mid-late March. So hopefully this isn’t an issue.

I’m also hoping that by the time I go to do the move InterWorx 5.1 comes out so I can move right to CentOS7.

I can confirm! Centos 6.6 latest stable IW.