Purge Mailboxes

Is there a command I can run to purge the mailboxes under a specific siteworx acct?

The number of mailboxes involved does not favor going through them all one by one and purging the mail via the web interface.

You can delete e-mail boxes as root by running the command

~vpopmail/bin/vdeluser user@domain.com

Does that help?


possibly is there a vpop command to create a user?

~vpopmail/bin/vadduser info@domain.com 123456

This will create an email account info@domain.com with password 123456

However, this probly wont save it to the interworx database so might not be recommended?

Is there a way to import users? I have 100+ users i need to import into different domains

Absolutely there is now! :smiley:

great so what would be the command to run this

/siteworx/email/box add user@domain.com password password

No, that’s an API call. You’ll need to connect via XML-RPC or Soap.

How did you get on? :slight_smile:

Had to do it by hand :frowning:

Keying in over 500 emails sucks…

[QUOTE=Trafalger;16628]Had to do it by hand :frowning:

Keying in over 500 emails sucks…[/QUOTE]

I’m sorry I didn’t get to you sooner - the vadduser command suggested by EverythingWeb would have worked fine as well.


I’ll try it on the rest of the users