Qmail and RBLs

I just added a new RBL, but I can’t use it because I route email from my exchange server through the linux server and my IP is on the new RBL. Instead of trying to get it removed is there any way that I can just whitelist this IP from being RBL (qmail blacklist file) scanned?

Found this…

#119 Linux
Whitelist patch for qmail ra-plugin rblchecks

rblchecks is part of the ra-plugin collection for the qmail SMTP daemon. rblchecks is used to check if a sender IP address is listed in RBLs (realtime blackhole lists) or if the user is successfully authenticated. From time to time you find the IP of a mailserver or user listed there which you definitely want to allow a connection. The only way to do this is to remove the relevant list from the rbl check.

To have a better control over individual IP addresses a patch for rblchecks was needed. With this patch you can list all IP addresses which shall be skipped by rblchecks in a textfile: /var/qmail/control/rblwhitelist.

Every skipped IP address appears in the smtp log as “rblchecks: WHITELIST PASSED: [IP]”.

Download rblchecks_whitelist.patch

Would still love to know if there is any way to whitelist or if the feature above could be included into Iworx, but a temp solution I found just in case anyone reading this is interested is not putting that RBL on the the alternate SMTP port.

I edit /server/smtp2/run to look up a different RBL file which does not contain the RBL that was giving me problems.

So far its blocked about 10 emails in 2 mins so Im glad I got it on there.