qmail - copy message to other mail user


How can i copy a message being delivered to an user, to another also ?
ex: message to xxxx@xxx.com, being delivered to xxxx@xxx.com and aaaa@xxx.com ?

Is possible to a user get a copy of all messages delivered to a domain ?

Outside iworx…



You can setup for all emails to also deliver to a 2nd mailbox inside SiteWorx. You can also setup more advanced stuff on shell. You can also setup groups where and email set to group1@xxx.com would go to several individual email address.

Hi Justin,

I’d like to setup outside of interworx … using shell, on qmail config files … but, how/ where ?




There is a file called .qmail-default which is the default delivery location for all users that dont have their own file.

So lets say you want to have all email FWD to one person as well as the intended recipient.

You would edit the .qmail-default:

|/usr/bin/maildrop /home/interworx/lib/maildrop/spamfilter

You would then need to make one for the mainemail b/c i think it would get stuck in a loop if you didn’t (if mainemail is in the same domain as the others that is)

Edit mainemail-qmail.com:

|/usr/bin/maildrop /home/interworx/lib/maildrop/spamfilter

Great! :wink:

Thanks Justin