Qmail queue issue

Anyone else seeing this with the latest Qmail from December? Or know how to fix it?

[SIZE=2]----- Forwarded message from MAILER-DAEMON@mysub.mydomain.tld -----
Date: 24 Jan 2007 02:06:51 -0000
From: MAILER-DAEMON@[U]mysub.mydomain.tld[/U]
Reply-To: MAILER-DAEMON@[U]mysub.mydomain.tld[/U]
Subject: failure notice
To: localuser@[U]mycustomerdomain.tld[/U]
Hi. This is the qmail-send program at [U]mysub.mydomain.tld[/U].
I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.
Sorry. Although I'm listed as a best-preference MX or A for that host, it isn't in my control/locals file, so I don't treat it as local. (#5.4.6)
--- Below this line is a copy of the message.[/SIZE]

Of course, the recipient is NOT listed as a best-preference MX or A record for the receiving host, as it’s a remote domain … This makes no sense at all.

That sounds like some kind of DNS problem to me… Or a bad script which is sending stuff wrongly.

No DNS issue … No scripts.

Are you able to send to other remote domains, such as Gmail or Yahoo?

Able to send everywhere, anywhere, but then there’s this randon, intermittent problem with remote mail deciding to drop itself in the local queue…

Tried restarting all the mail and dns services?

Look in /home/vpopmail/domains/

ls -l /home/vpopmail/domains/

total 8
drwx–x— 2 vpopmail vchkpw 4096 jan 30 09:16 0
drwx–x— 2 vpopmail vchkpw 4096 f?v 4 17:28 1
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 44 d?c 28 00:20 domain1.com -> /home/account1/var/domain1.com/mail

Check this :
1- All domains are set with vpopmail.vchkpw
2- Your domain is in the list
3- If you have a directory called 0 or/and 1, check that this directory have these rights :
drwx–x— and not only these one drwx------

If you have a directory called 0 or 1 you must change the authority

chmod u+x /home/vpopmail/domains/0

for every existing 0 to n directory
chmod u+x /home/vpopmail/domains/1
chmod u+x /home/vpopmail/domains/2


It should fixe your problem


[quote=pascal;11400]It should fixe your problem[/quote]Not sure where to begin with that one … but … that’s absolutely nowhere close. :wink:

This started happening on a couple more servers after this one (none of which I installed). Turns out that the FQDN’s weren’t added to /var/qmail/control/rcpthosts & /var/qmail/control/locals — only the hosts’ subdomain aliases… Adding the FQDN below that has fixed the problem entirely.

Are the domains listed in /var/qmail/control/morercpthosts ? /var/qmail/control/rcpthosts typically only has roughly, at most, 50 entries, and the overflow should go into morercpthosts.

If I understand it correctly, aren’t rcpthosts & morercpthosts only applicable for locally hosted domains?

Again … the problem was that remote mail would intermittently come up with the error message, which shouldn’t’ve happened. Remote hosts wouldn’t be listed in rcpthosts to begin with (unless they part of a larger mail cluster).

The problem was that the local server’s FQDN wasn’t listed in rcpthosts or locals — so occasionally, if mail was deferred, the mailer didn’t know what “server2” was, and the mail would bounce back to itself.

Ah, sorry, I just saw your mention of rcpthosts, and that was the first thing that came to mind. Missed the part about “remote mail”.

arff sorry too. I also missed the part about “remote mail”…