Qmail Toaster Server SSL Certificate Expired

On the Server section in Nodeworks, my SSL certificate has expired for Qmail Toaster Server. Is there an easy way to fix this?

Hi dash

Is your SSL a paid SSL or self created

To correct it, ideally you need a paid SSL, which have a quick look at licensecart website, mike sells them (licensecart.com) or wherever you buy your SSL from.

If self signed, then you need to generate a new self signed SSL and set your period to 1 or 2 years ideally.

The easiest way to do this is from nodeworx, server, SSL and delete your current qmail SSL, then click add, and follow instructions for paid or self signed.

Lastly, usually the same SSL is used for multi service SSL, so if qmail has expired, chances are it has expired for other services, so you may want to set same for them using your new SSL

Many thanks


Did you restart Qmail?

Hi kelvin

Many thanks, good point but IW self signed SSL for iworx SMTP cert first used on fresh install has expired on date. All the other iworx self signed Certs are fine.

I have emailed IW to let them know, and gave credit to dash for first raising the issue.

Easily remedied I know, but better if corrected although, depending upon users knowledge, may not understand it is better to have a paid SSL for your service SSL

Many thanks