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I have been looking at this as an alternative to cPannel. I am used to having managed VPS’s and I don’t know how to do the command prompt stuff. Do you offer a service for installing this? I was reading the install script and was somewhat lost.

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I am not aware of any paid install by IW, however some of us do install for clients

It is not hard, as long as you have a fresh install of the distro you are going to use and the distro is used by Interworx (Linux Centos7 RH7 etc…)

All you need to do is SSH into your server and run as root or Sudo (depending upon how you have VPS installed) the following:

sh <((curl -sL -m 10.4 -p 7.4

This will install Interworx with MariaDB 10.4 and system PHP7.4 for you

It takes around 5 - 10 minutes and when it is has finished, you complete the final install from a web browser (the URL is shown at the end of the SSH install which you can copy and paste into a browser)

If you have any issues, you can post on the forums or open a support ticket

If you are really stuck, you could ask IW but normally it is the license provider you goto as they may offer install or you could PM me

If you could update your post with how you got on

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This will install the latest version of InterWorx, version 7. It has more features and a refreshed modern look.

Execute the command below to download and run the installation script:

sh <((curl -sL
However, if you have special needs, the installer does have a few flags you can use to adjust the installation process. To view the various additional options, execute the script adding -h to the end of the command.

sh <((curl -sL -h
This will install the operating system’s version of PHP and MariaDB. A typical InterWorx command line install will take between 5 and 10 minutes depending on what needs to be installed or removed and the speed of your internet connection and server. During this process you will typically be asked 2-3 questions, so don’t walk away.

If you prefer to not have to interact with the installer, you can put it into headless mode and force it to remove conflicting packages automatically by adding -lk at the end of the install command:

sh <((curl -sL -lk
You can specify a different version of MariaDB and PHP by using the -m and -p flags like this:

sh <((curl -sL -m 10.3 -p 7.3
Now you can switch to your web browser to complete the installation.

I logged in using SSH put the command in that you posted and waited. nothing happened. I have Centos 7.x installed and nothing else. The VPS was just created.


CA certificates expired a week or two ago. All you have to do is run

yum update

That should update the CA certs, which will then let the installer run.

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Thanks, Jenna that worked. I was able to install InterWorx.

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