Question about Interworx replacing CPanel

So we are trying to find a control panel that supports server clusters. After reading up on Interworx we think we want to try this solution out but have a few questions that others might be able to answer for us before we purchase.

  1. Has anybody here migrated CPanel users to Interworx and how was the process?
  2. We have a Load Balancer in AWS… should we use Interworx load balancer or keep current one up…
  3. We want to setup Interworx on Two servers clustered together… how does the High Availability of services work?
  4. I’m concerned that if the primary Interworx server has a failure the built load balancing features don’t roll over (from what I read in the docs) any advice?
  5. In terms of file uploads from CMS/Websites… how does Interworx sync these files across the cluster? A user uploads an image via the File Upload panel in Wordpress how does this file get transferred to the other servers and how does the service guarantee that when a failed node comes online that each will sync back up.
  6. If we add a 3rd or 4th node are there any challenges to joining them and getting the initial sync process completed
  7. Does Interworx use MariaDB Replication for the DB or is it a custom solution handled by the Interworx software?

If you guys have any advice or details please pitch in because we are looking for a new solution!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Viridiangeeks
Welcome to IW forums
I believe migration from Cpanel is very painless, IW has migration tools for different control panels, Plesk, Cpanel etc. However, because of the various versions which maybe in use, you may come accross an issue, but if you do, please open a support ticket with IW and it will be resolved.
I would use IW load balancer
The High Availability is not available for the moment (I was a beta tester for HA - worked lovely), so IW is clustered, and the way it works is you have a cluster manager (in HA, you have 2 cluster managers), and slaves, you set load balancing for services, such a smtp, pop, apache etc, and it uses only 1 /chroot/home for files (this can be entirely seperate server connected using NFS), so the slaves do not hold information, they are used for extra resouces to services. Your Mysql (mariaDB etc) can be on a seperate server (clustered if you want ot setup clustered Mysql) or assigned to a IW server, then you set the Mysql to whichever server you want to use (you could have multiple Mysql, and choose different Mysql for siteworx accounts).
The DNS is clustered as well, and there is a free 1 user DNS server you could add, so your not using the slaves
You are correct, the primary failure would be the cluster manager (except if HA was available), but if you have your a different server for /chroot/home files, bringing up a new cluster manager is quick, and a restore of files/linkage would bring it live quickly
The file sharing as I said above, is simple, it resides on the /chroot/home (usually on the cluster manager but canbe seperate), so no sync of files needed
Adding Nodes is exceptionally easy, but when first installing the cluster manager/nodes, you need to set the /home to /chroot/home - if just set to /home, it will not cluster until changed ot /chroot/home
I’m sorry, it is lat ehere, but I will post further tommorow if alright
Many thanks

Even though the core features are similar, there are some potential blockers that could prevent clean import of cPanel accounts into InterWorx.

Firstly, wildcard subdomains are not natively supported in InterWorx. Applications that require wildcard subdomains may not work well, if at all, in InterWorx.