Question on DNS entries...

Do I need to put DNS entries in my web hosters name servers and point the registars info to those servers, or can I just use my name servers and bypass the ones at the web host provider?

Seems redundant to me…

You can use your IWorx-CP box as the DNS server(s) bluesin, this makes it easier all around to do dns updates.


Chris, so the only thing I should have to enter into the providers name servers is my name servers, is that right?

The best solution is to register your own name servers and point them to your IP addresses and then point all of your domains to those nameservers. That way other servers on the Internet query YOUR box for dns info eliminating a middle man.

Here’s a tutorial I wrote on the subject:

It was written for Iworx 1.x so the screen caps and specific step by step instructions are out of date, BUT, If you have any questions feel free to contact me on AOL or Yahoo messenger and I’d be glad to help you out. I’ve done this numerous times.