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I see from an earlier post how Mariadb 10.4 or 10.5 can be installed instead of 10.2 for a new installation using the -m flag. And from the installation guide I see there’s a flag for PHP. To install PHP 7.4 instead of 7.3 for system PHP, using -p 7.4 makes sense but I just wanted to make sure.

If Interworx is already installed and running, is it safe to re-run the install script for this purpose? I don’t mind enabling multi PHP but I prefer just one. If I can upgrade system PHP and Mariadb manually I assume the newer packages come from Remi, CentOS exclusions will be necessary and everything will be maintained by yum.

Advice is appreciated.

Hi sysnop

Good question but I would advice not to do as you posted

First time install is acceptable as no siteworx accounts exist

Rerunning to upgrade would cause issues I believe with sites using lower php and cannot run higher without crashing or more importantly MySQL would have many databases which could become corrupted or missing

Many thanks and sorry if I’m wrong


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Hi John, and thanks for the quick reply!

Reinstalling from scratch wouldn’t be too big a deal since it’s a fresh system and sites haven’t been restored yet. I’m mostly concerned with Mariadb being as new as possible. Part of my thinking is that there will be less to worry about once Interworx is ready for AlmaLinux.

So just to be clear, by using the -p 7.4 flag PHP will be configured with /etc/php.ini and not the /opt/remi path?

Hi sysnop

Many thanks

Yes I would expect that to be true for php flag

However I have never tried it myself yet

You no longer have to manually upgrade system php - I believe you just set the remi repo to php version and check update from server settings update and it updates system php to that version

Many thanks


I think I figured it out. PHP 7.4 or any other remi package will simply install the same way 7.3 did. After looking closer at repos and packages it’s all coming into focus better. I’ve been using stock CentOS 8 for a while and just needed to reboot my brain to CentOS 7 and Interworx customization.


What John said is accurate.

1.) No do not re-run the installer.

2.) You can upgrade the system PHP by simply enabling the remi repo for the version you desire (going up, don’t think that would work going down). Also as John mentioned, if sites are using the system PHP version, you must be careful as that could cause sites to break unexpectedly. This is one of the reasons why MultiPHP was first implemented. You can switch a site, see what breaks and move it back until you can fix it. There is no such easy process with the system PHP version.

3.) You can also upgrade MariaDB in place too. MariaDB offers instructions for updating between versions (Upgrading MariaDB - MariaDB Knowledge Base). Having said that, because that process is done outside of InterWorx, it’s not something we can provide assistance with. We also cannot provide any disaster recovery, so be sure to have backups, etc. If you’re not confident in your ability to do so, it’s probably safest to migrate the accounts to another server or enlist the help of a qualified system administrator to upgrade this for you.

Thanks Brandon!

Mariadb upgrades don’t seem too scary unless they need to be incremental. Either way, my Interworx installation is fresh enough and my database knowledge low enough that starting over will be easier.

Yep, DB upgrades are one of those things that usually go smoothly, but when they don’t… ugh. If you’ve only got a handful of accounts, migration may be easiest.