Questions regarding functionality

At the moment I’m testing control panel’s demo and I have to decide which shared hosting control panel to use. Therefore I have some questions:

  1. Is it possible to configure multiple PHP versions for Siteworx accounts? If not what’s the recommended way (for each php version install additional server?) to solve the problem when one part of customers needs newer php version, but for other part the newest php version is not supported?
  2. is it possible / supported to use the newest PHP ver. 5.6.x or supported to use at least PHP ver. 5.4 with control panel?
  3. is it possible to enable SSH access to shell enabled users (I have tried to use the option AllowUsers on ssh_config file but without lack)?
  4. After installation of the control panel, it shows that Mysql version 5.1.73 is installed. Is it possible / supported to upgrade to the newest 5.6.x version?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

Hi newbie

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Php versions are currently not supported I believe at the moment. I do believe if you use cloud Linux or there is another Linux flavour that do allow support but it is a manual function.

Also, thinking about it, it might be able to use multi php by allowing each siteworx account access to their own php.ini, where you set the parameter, but sorry I could wrong

You can upgrade to whatever version you want to use for php, and there’s good instructions on forum, licencecart did an excellent post re upgrade php.

The IW-cp does use an older version of php and MySQL, but this is only for the IW-cp and NOT the hosting accounts, which you can upgrade to any version you want to use, or use perconna etc

You should be able to set the ssh access automatically from the IW-cp, nodeworx I think from memory, or individually if siteworx already setup.

I hope that helps a little and sorry if I’m wrong

Many thanks