I sent the following email a few days back and am still awaiting a reply.

I am currently looking to change host,.

I really like the control panel you have developed.

There is 1 feature that I really need that isn’t currently available (from what I can see), but I hear it will be coming in the next release (correct me if I am wrong).

The feature is the ability to add MULTIPLE domains to 1 siteworx account. I have hundreds of domains and I don’t want to have to create hundreds of different accounts to access them - too time consuming.

Is this feature in the “worx” so to speak? If so would you bea ble to add multiple domains to the 1 account at a time, or would you have to add each domain individually - being able to add multiple domains to the 1 account at a time would be great (say using a text are input box).

Annyway more important if it is in the worx when will it be available ( a week, 2 weeks, a month, or longer - i hope not )? This will impact my migration of domains and ultimately if I use your hosting.

Thanks, look forward to your reply.


Thanks for your interest in InterWorx!

This feature is indeed in the “worx”, but it isn’t going to be in the next release. A safe estimate would probably be about 4-6 weeks before this is feature is fully tested and released.


Thanks again Paul, for your prompt reply.

If I go with Interworx now, and create a siteworx account per domain (so 300 of them) will it be easy to migrate from 1 account per domain to 1 account for ALL domains when this release becomes available?

Or would it be better to hold of migrating ALL my domains to my new Interworx host UNTIL the release becomes available?

I’m also interested in this. I don’t have 300 domains, but i have about 30 and would like to condense them somewhat (ie my main site and it’s subdomains in one) general ones on another. A client and all of his or her domains in another. Etc. Thanks.


It’s a very old post, and I’d like to know if you plan to do that ?
If it is already made, could you please explain me how to perform it



It’s only a 2 week old post, and please take any estimates in any posts as just that, estimates. When this feature is ready we will surely announce it.



I’ve used InterWors since January and I can tell you from experience that it is a great panel and the features are updated often.