Quota for 2nd Drive?

I’ve got a 2nd Iworx server Im using for testing, it has 2 logical drives setup in raid. A primary OS drive, and a secondary drive (raid 10) for MySQL.

Iworx is setup and running fine off the OS drive, and I’ve got the 2nd drive sym linked to the original mysql path so its working fine.

I am however getting errors about the 2nd drive not having quotas setup?

Anything else I need to do or commands I need to run to make sure the install is working as intended.

I beleive there’s an entry in /etc/fstab that enables quotas :wink:

Just want to make sure what I need to do (or shouldn’t do) before I change anything like that since I’d rather not have to make a trip downtown to my datacenter if I don’t have to. :slight_smile:

I coulda swore there was a issue with quotas on a 2nd drive, mysql, or something, but maybe I’m thinking of a different cpanel I’ve used.

Quotas within iworx-cp will only work on a single partition since quotas in Linux are per partition unless you’re planning on setting them up manually. You can run quotas on as many partitions as you like but they are independant of each other.