Quota problem with iworx panel

Hi All,

I open this topic because quota on my iworx installation doesn’t work correctly. For example :

On an account where there are 200MB of disk space, the quota is 80% of the total. But when I look in command line folder, email, sql, log, etc … The size is 50MB.

Is there a way to reset quota on all account because many of my customer have this problem :/.

PS : I’am using centos 5.5 virtual machine in Proxmox 1.5 (OpenVZ container).

Thank you :).

No idea for my problem ?

I add the command line which I made (example):

customer : getinvolved
Disk Space in Siteworx : 98,16MB used of 100MB
Command Line :

[root@ns2 getinvol]# du -sh
43M .

  • 23 MB database = 66MB and no 98MB. O_o
    Any idea please ? I don’t understand why siteworx made this.

Thank You!

Do I create a ticket for this problem ?

Hi Gimly,

I’m not sure if you opened a ticket about this or not - in general, interworx reports the quota usage by the unix group. If a file is group-owned by a given user, then it counts toward the user’s quota.