R1 Soft restore from siteworx broken?

Hi all, hi John,

did anyone try a R1Soft restore from within Siteworx lately? This used to work like a charm, but now I get two issues:
Usually the agent takes care of the authentication, but now the siteworx user is presented with a login form.
And even if I fill that correctly with user (Sitworx unix user, not Siteworx login!) and password, I get this error:

1 Errors
Failed to mount: expected expression, got ‘<’

This is happening on several machines with the latest agent module installed.
I’d like to know if this is something on my end or if R1Soft or some iworx update broke something. Can anyone veryify this?


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Short answer: Yes there are some known issues re R1soft at this time.

Long answer: R1Soft recently made some changes regarding authentication and such, and we’re working on updating the plugin, but I do not have an ETA at this time. The initial issue that was reported was that attempting to use the plugin redirected to a log in page, vs just logging in automatically.

The customer who reported the issue did come back and mention the error you referenced, here, but that is not something we have seen in action. They said that clicking the “wheel” in the popup to refresh the page allowed it to be seen without issue. Let me know if refreshing works for you.

Also, if you’d like, you can submit a ticket to support.interworx.com with access to the server, and steps to reproduce, and we can take a look, as well, though I am not 100% certain if the issue is on our end or theirs, right now.


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Hi Jenna and Michael

Good point and one i have just tested myself on 2 servers as follows:

Centos 6 IW 6.9


Siteworx r1soft backup access works lovely with no issues

Centos 7 IW 6.9


Siteworx r1soft backup access fails as per Michael post, just bringing login screen and refresh on circle does nothing sorry

IW-Jenna, I will open a ticket and let you have access to both servers, as centos6 works but centos7 fails, so may indicate that it is a centos issue rather then a IW or r1soft issue, which in turn, means that either IW have to resolve due to centos issue or r1soft have to resolve due to same centos issue

Also, checked there were no updates for r1soft agent and kernel devel, and I have turned on r1soft debugging, so both servers will log in full

Hopefully this may help you at little

You can access any siteworx account to see/test r1soft access, but please do not do any restores unless it is on a test account not in use (please remember, if you create a test siteworx account, you need to leave overnight so backups takes place before testing)

just a final note, on the centos7 server, backups are still taking place as expected - see pciture but I will also include in ticket, a picture showing siteworx users from agent screen

Many thanks