R1Soft restore of full mailbox (after being deleted from SiteWorx)

So I have an account that was removed a few months ago and then the client wanted to get some emails. I created the email account again in SiteWorx to create the blank shell for the user. Then I did an R1soft restore of their full directory and looking on the shell I see the emails there, but when I look in SiteWorx it’s not showing the right storage usage. When I connect with Outlook POP or IMAP, only the Outlook test messages show up, nothing else. Same as on webmail.

What am I missing here, does vpopmail keep a database of emails and point to that path so even though the files are there they are basically invisible?



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I believe the restored files will be on the wrong UID. So if you check and correct all files and folders, it should appear

The password would be as you newly created password unless you restored iWorx vpopmail MySQL (which I would not advise to do as it?s out of sync to present)

R1soft restores the files/folders of an deleted siteworx account using the exact UID at the time of backup made, creating a new siteworx account of the same domain creates a different/new UID

I hope that helps but sorry if I?m wrong

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I thought that too, but it actually restored it with the correct permission, what it turned out ot be is I guess once you have too many mail accounts, it puts it under a /0 folder.

When I did the restore it put it back as it was like “/home/account/var/account.com/mail/mailboxuser” but when I created the new account to create the placeholder it put it under the new “/0” area. So I just copied the files from the old way to the /0 setup and now all the emails are there.

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Is it because you may have upgraded to dovecot if using RC

Thanks for posting your resolve, hopefully helps me and others if that event happens. Kudos to you

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I’m on the standard install, my guess is that is happens when you go over 100 emails on an account.