R1Soft with Interworx 4.5

Ok, so I have been using R1Soft for awhile and decided to start integrating it with Interworx.

On R1Soft:
Control Panel PlugIn Enabled on the Interworx Host I am backing Up

On Interworx:
The R1Soft Plugin is Enabled.

Edit Siteworx Account:
The Site has the permission to Access R1Soft Backups

Logged in to Siteworx:
Click on Access R1Soft Backups

Get error:
Access denied.

I tried different combinations, but it should log in automatically? I tried the FTP username which was ftp@domain.com

I also tried the siteworx username, no success.

Any help?

Falcon Internet

Hi Marc,

Yes, when it works, it will automatically login.

Make sure the /etc/buagent/agent_config has


and if it doesn’t, set it and restart the buagent.

If you still have a problem logging in, it may be a bug in r1soft’s control panel detection, I’ve seen that recently.

The workaround for that should be:

cp ~iworx/plugins/r1soft/lib/buagentauth /usr/lib/buagent/buagentauth