Ram Usage....

My server since I got it at Sago, has run at about 400 MB of ram used and max’s out often.

I have talked tot hem and they just tell me to upgrade, my I don’t have the 150 bucks to upgrade, and I also dont think I need too.

I came from a server half the speed of the one I have only differnce is this has Interworx and the other had cpanel.

I had the latest PHP and Apache 2.0, so its not the “other” stuff being differnt.

I am sitting here as I write this with all my sites turned off an my ram usage is sitting at 350 MB and spicking up to 500 MB

I am sitting in top (a linux tool) and don’t even see whats using all this memory. Sago, though there support is great is tired of me and just wants to make some extra money so they won’t help me, and the only thing I can think of is that Interworx either isn’t set up right or has unrealistic memory requirments.

Either way some help might be useful. Sorry to sound stupid, but I am at a dead end…

BTW: This in no way aginst the product, the latest release is much better then I could of ever asked, it is now truely a real time server CP, it doesntly look like it is under developed anymore and thank you for all the work you all have done. It is also nothing against your partner Sago, just had so many problems at first with them there support time is just tired of dealing with my issues lol.

RedHat 9 (at the time was the only thing Interworx support accourding to Sago’s site stablaly, might not have been true but I wanted it to work.)

PHP 5.0.3
Apache what ever you all have 2.something I am sure
CPU 2.6 Cel (P4 was not on sale at the time)
512 MB Ram

Its the second server up on the Interworx servers, is just cheaper for me was on sale.

Please check out this thread. Int posed the same question.



With that math, I would still be running between 350 MB- 400 MB with NO sites turned on. None. This cant be right. If it is, is there anyway to lower this usage?

And Sago has showed me logs that the ram was being fully used.

Also Interworx charts show full ram usage since the server was frst started.

Like I said I dont have a high load server, I get maybe network wide 10,000-50,000 page views a day, on sites that have low intencaty software.

Sorry thank you fort taking the time to reply.

Also know that Linux caches memory like crazy. If running ‘top’ as root doesn’t reveal any processes to be far and away the resource hogs, it’s most likely Linux being a workaholic. When idle, Linux will start caching disk blocks, slowly using up your free RAM.


Well I changed soem setting in HTTPD and mysql whiched seemed to have helped speed and reasorses some.

Is there a way to get Linux to not do that, I just want ot to be my web server lol.

No, this is a feature of Linux. Without going in to too much detail here, Linux caches a lot of things on the disk, because it’s much faster to grab things from physical ram then from swap space (virtual memory/page file for Windows). You aren’t actually losing performance due to this caching, you are gaining performance because commonly accessed files, such as shared system libraries, often accessed web files, etc, are cached and can be accessed faster than going to the disk.

I quickly googled around for “Linux free memory” and “linux memory leak”, and I found this blog entry that explains it pretty well.


You may also want to try “free -m” run as root. The numbers you should be looking at are the “-/+ buffers/cache:” row, “Used” column.


Ok well I think I need to move to a Windows server is Linux crashes for “stanadard” faster use then its not a platform for a true live website. I cant have linux crashes everyutime I go away for a few hours.

I guess Sagonet explained the logs that show the ram running out wrong or they don’t understand there primary OS they support.

No it does not do it during spikes in traffic just what seems to be random. This is frustrating cuz all they want to do is sell me more memory and from every “linux” person I have talked to my hardware is more then enough for my server load.

So something else is wrong, and he only thing differnt between the servers I have used is the speed of the server, and this one is much faster specs wise, is the controlpanel.

Is it the daul php and apache thats making the server crash? I mean I notice sometimes in top both php’s will have high usage. Or sometimes httpd.

Really don’t know what to do at this point.