RBL zen.spamhaus.org giving timeout error from our server

Hi guys,

ONLY when we include the zen.spamhaus.org RBL in the “Realtime (SBL) Blacklists:” section of our incoming mailserver is when we get a “timeout” when trying to connect. For some reason, zen.spamhaus.org doesn’t seem to be working on this server but on others configured exactly the same it works like a charm!

Any idea of what might be happening?


A few very quick things that I would check:
Can you ping it?
Can you resolve it?
Can you do manual blacklist lookups from the server using the ‘host’ or ‘dig’ commands?
Has zen.spamhaus.org been entered in /etc/hosts?
Has its IP been entered in /etc/hosts.deny?

Hmm. Did you get this problem resolved Poooh? I think Fr3d’s suggestions are definitely a good place to start debugging.