Real-time Statistics not updated

My Real-time Statistics stats has not been updated since April 30th.

Meaning the same screen image on the “Server Overview” bottom page is showing the same graph since Saturday.

So apparently it stopped working at this months turnover.

Anything else having this problem?

I haven’t messed with anything since I specified not to run the system hogging AwStats a few months ago.

BTW Bandwidth used on about 40 sites are at ZERO or close to looking like it worked for a bit then stopped working!

And going in to each site, shows a blank graph for bandwidth, but Webalizer seems to have picked up the traffic fine.


I’d Open a support ticket for this as it should be an iworx cron problem.


Hi Pascal,

sorry for not posting an update, but Paul already took care of the problem the same day after I submitted a help request.

It was some hanging process that made the problem.