Receiving DNS Server Resource Alerts

I have an IW DNS cluster setup on 2 VPS. I keep receiving the following email constantly:

“Hello, this is an automated e-mail generated by your control panel. I’ve detected a potential problem on this server ( You may want to look into it. Details of the problem are below.
The swap file usage on this server has exceeded the threshold of 97%. Current swap use is 100%.”

The DNS servers have 512MB RAM. VSwap is 256MB. The RAM usage is around 60% while the VSwap is at a constant 100%. I’m not sure if I can increase the VSwap. It’s an OpenVZ container. I don’t control the host.

I’m concerned about the performance of the DNS servers though the specs seem like they should be more than enough. I believe many people use half that much RAM. The servers have 2 cores and the CPU is idling around 0%.

Ignore it?

Solved it by disabling clamav and the ftp server for good measure.