Red Hat 9 End of Life

RH9 has reached the end of life cycle as of May first. What are your immediate plans for the support of your customer base?

Chris W indicated that you will support Fedora and/or RHEL if theire is customer demand. Do you have a timetable for this.

A lot of users use the Updates feature in NodeWorx to keep the OS up to date since those updates come from your mirror of the RedHat site, there won’t be any more.

IIRC my last OS update was April 24. Seeing that I used to get updates to one thing or another a couple times a week I’m getting nervous. I do not have the time nor the know-how to download and install these by hand from third party sites.


Bingo. I have the same concerns.

The Fedora Legacy Project will pick up where official RedHat 9.0 updates left off. We’ll be switching the default repository to a mirror of the Fedory Legacy updates for RedHat 9.0. This will provide a minimum of 1.5 years of additional updates for RedHat 9.0.


Thank you for your prompt response. You may want to post something about this onthe Sago forums.


I’ve got a specific questions about an update that may (or may not) be available via yum:

php – and it’s associated GD libraries.

I have some customers who need this to be updated on the box such that their web scripts will work properly.

It doesn’t appear that any of the repositories that we are pointed to have updates beyond 4.2.2 for php (ncluding the fedoralegacy project).

Is there another way that this can be updated/upgraded without destroying anything else concerning Interworx, mySQL or webalizer?


The initial upgrade requires upgrading apache as well. The new apache doesn’t work with the old php, and the new php doesn’t work with the old apache, so both must be upgraded simultaneously.

We don’t have RPM’s for this update yet (they’re under development) but we can upgrade them for you, if you e-mail the login information for your server. There will be about a half hour of webserver downtime while the upgrade happens, so let us know when would be a good time to schedule the upgrade.



I sent an email 2 days ago as you indicated … just making sure you got it … :slight_smile:

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