Redirect index page

Hello. I have inquired a live chat session with help to redirecting my index page. It directs to my forums’ index.php.

I was told to move the forums into another folder and drop a new index file in the root folder. In doing so, the site does not pick up the new index and stil points to the old one however, since the path is broken it shows up as a “Page cannot be found” page.

so, in the ftp client it shows:

forums is-
html (forums)

index is-

This can’t be that complicated:confused:

By the way, what is the difference between the folder named my domain and the folder called public_html ?

~/public_html is a symbolic link to ~/ So, basically they are the same directory, just one is shorter than the other.

If I understand you correctly, you are putting files in ~/, which is not correct. Any file you want visible on the web must go in ~/public_html (which, as I said above, is the same as ~/ Any files outside of that folder will not be visible on the web.

Hope that helps,

Yea that makes absolute sense however things aren’t working as they should seem to be.

When I look at the ftp remote view, I have created a folder called public_html and dropped in the index.html file that I have designed.

Nothing happened. It can’t find the page when I go to the site.

I then tried creating a directory just before the forums and dropping in the index.html and stil found now luck.

The part of your response that concerns me is that you said you “created a folder called public_html”. You shouldn’t have needed to create this folder, it should have already been a symlink. The actual location for your web files should be, from the ftp root,


where domainname is the domain for your site.

If none of this helps you should probably open a support ticket so we can see what is going on.