Redirect to domain outside own server?

I want to point a domain to a subdir on a domain residing on another server - some other companys webserver, that is.
So something like: -->

First issue is I cant find a way to point to a domain I don’t control?
Then I dont know, will there be a problem pointing to the subdir of target domain?
(Reason is, I want to get the redirection fixed for free - supports my local sportsclub - the other company will probably charge us if they are to take care of it.)

Hi pingu,

If you want do to redirect you can use the .htaccess feature (directory options in Siteworx).

Redirect permanent /index.html http://<a href=""></a>

If you want to masquerade the redirect and show everything under you have to use ProxyPass directive in the httpd config file for
In file /etc/httpd/conf.d/ add:

ProxyPass /           http://<a href=""></a>
ProxyPassReverse /       <a href=""></a>


Thanks a lot!