I would also like to be able to set Redirects within the CP.

EX: ---->

I think that’s on their todo list as well :slight_smile:

I think though, that the redirect you’ve listed is rather redundant since InterWorx handles subdomains in that manner already.

Look at the redirect again its a folder to a subdomain, not the other way around, and either way its just an example, I might have 4-5 differnf versions of a site indexed and need to forward my old links to the new ones, to do that I would need a redirect maanger, like Cpanel has.

I am not cpmparing the 2 products but just tgiving an example.

Don’t wory, they won’t be offended :slight_smile:


Oh, yes, we will be offended. We will take over CPanel one of these days for sure. Please support InterWorx, though!