Regarding API

How can I check domains & sub-domains path (DOCUMENT_ROOTs) (not domains - sub domains list) using interWORX API’s.

kiran upadhya

Hi kiran

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I’m sorry, I maybe not fully understanding your post, but the document root is fixed, and would only change from the default if the server admin changes it

It is not possible for resellers/siteworx accounts to change the document root

I suppose a siteworx user could change the hosting folder to a folder created in the document root, but this does not change the document root, only the hosting folding they choose to use

The document root is defined in the vhost file, so I guess you could write a script to check the document root on each vhost file, but I do not see why you would to, given that the only access to the vhost file would be from a server admin or Iw-cp

I hope that helps a little

Many thanks