Regarding .tpl file in plugin

How can I perform API call (written in php) inside .tpl file ? I have following php code inside .tpl file & If I’m trying to run below code its showing this error 'A system error has occurred. Please try your request again in a few minutes. '.
Its because of SoapClient call. I don’t know the proper way to use SoapClient inside the .tpl file, so please suggest me one good example.

class Test
public function authenticate($api_controller, $action, $input=null)
$key = array( ?email? => ?,
?password? => ?siteworxpass?,
?domain? => ? );
$client = new SoapClient( ‘https://%%SERVERNAME%%:2443/soap?wsdl’ );
if (!$input) {
$response = $client->route($key, $api_controller, $action);
else {
$response = $client->route($key, $api_controller, $action, $input);
return $response;

    public function getSize()
        $action = 'listAccountDetails';
        $api_controller = '/siteworx/overview';
        $response = $this->authenticate($api_controller, $action);
        return $response['payload']['remaining_diskspace']; 
        <!-- It will return disk size ex 500MB -->
$control_panel = new Test();


Thank you,

Hi kiran

You may want to hold off until the smarty has been corrected fully.

If you have updated to IW smarty 3.1, there is something giving an error but all appears to work

Also, smarty 3.1 has depreciated some php code

Many thanks