Reinstalling PHP

Hello, I’m totally useless so I come here for help. :frowning:
I need php with IMAP support but it seems my current installation lacks IMAP. I’m not what you could call a Linux aware person, and I’ve been reading there are several steps to take in order to install php with IMAP support, well, my request is:
Could anyone tell me (or point me to) the less painful way to recompile and reinstall php with IMAP support. It’s what we could call a production server so I want to minimise downtime.
Just in case:
Linux RH 2.4.20-43.9.legacy, Current PHP version 4.3.11

ANY suggestion will be highly apreciated.


yum install php-imap
service apache restart


Hi Chris, forgive me for being so skeptical but, is it all I have to do?, will yum retrieve the necessary packages?

Ok. I’ll blindly trust you as usual. I’ll do it late tonight.


Thanks again Chris. It worked like a charm. I owe you more than one.