Release channel broken?

Updates appear to be broken when using the release channel. I’ve actually been having this issue for a long time (over a year?) but just getting a chance to look into it. I’m surprised nobody else had reported it.

--> Finished Dependency Resolution
Error: Package: interworx-6.3.9-1661.iworx.noarch (interworx-release)
          Requires: djbdns >= 1.05-122
          Installed: djbdns-1.05-121.rhe7x.iworx.x86_64 (@interworx-release)
              djbdns = 1.05-121.rhe7x.iworx
          Available: djbdns-1.05-118.rhe7x.iworx.x86_64 (interworx-release)
              djbdns = 1.05-118.rhe7x.iworx
You could try using --skip-broken to work around the problem
You could try running: rpm -Va --nofiles --nodigest

The latest djbdns in the release channel is djbdns-1.05-121.rhe7x.iworx.x86_64.rpm.

If I switch to the stable channel I can upgrade since the latest is djbdns-1.05-123.rhe7x.iworx.x86_64.rpm. If I switch back to the release channel after this, it appears updates would complete but it pulls djbdns from the stable channel since switching back to release doesn’t actually disable the stable channel.

I was on interworx 5.1.52 while attempting this.

Hi lightfoot

Many thanks and it does read as though there?s a bug

I will forward thread to IW so you have credit

I have to say though, I guess not many would be updating IW5 to IW6 RC

Many thanks


Hi Lightfoot!

We have not had any other reports of that issue, nor have I seen that error, before. Could you submit a support ticket so I can take a look? You can do so here:

Please make sure to include your IP or hostname, as well as enable remote assistance on the server. You can do so by either logging into Nodeworx and going to the Remote Assistance tab on the left sidebar, or by running the following command on your server:


-Jenna :slight_smile:

I guess I’ve been on this VM longer than I thought. Created back in 2012. But, I had kept the default release channel and automatic updates and just happened to run into this issue… but like I mentioned it’s been happening for a long time.

Thanks for the assist Jenna, but I was able to workaround it by switching to the stable channel and running the update.

I’m not sure when this specific dependency was introduced:

[root@node1 ~]# yum deplist interworx | grep djbdns
  dependency: djbdns >= 1.05-122
   provider: djbdns.x86_64 1.05-123.rhe7x.iworx

But we can look on to see the dependency is not compatible…

[   ]    daemontools-doc-0.76-105.rhe7x.iworx.x86_64.rpm    04-Jun-2015 14:43    18K     
[   ]    djbdns-1.05-118.rhe7x.iworx.x86_64.rpm    04-Jun-2015 14:43    142K     
[   ]    djbdns-1.05-121.rhe7x.iworx.x86_64.rpm    12-Jan-2016 12:12    143K     
[   ]    dovecot23-    13-Mar-2019 09:41    5.2M

Out of curiosity, when you were receiving that error, did you have both the release and stable repos enabled? That is required for updates to go through correctly, as sometimes there are versions of sub packages like this where the updated version is not in each channel.

Only the release repo was enabled, but I did not manually disable the stable repo. That makes sense though. Are they both enabled on newer installs?