Remote Backup via SFTP

Is this possible in Iworx 2.x or will it be possible in the new version?

The v.3.0 will allow you to SCP or FTP backups to a remote machine.

That’s top! :slight_smile:

So what about backups of the whole Interworx CP (via SCP as well), with settings and all, is or will this be available?

Maybe someday, Henrik, but for now a “backup everything” (including Iworx stuff) would be more complicated then it may seem. For now we recommend you do your individual SiteWorx backups and if you desire backup selected parts of your file system with rSYNC to manually replace any lost custom configs. There are many articles about this here on the forums.

Well, user accounts plus spamassassin databases etc could be saved - right?! Essential parts of the CP that can have a lot of work behind it.

Though the rSYNC idea sounds ok, however a bit… complicated. Backup the bayes database etc would be super :slight_smile:

Bayes DB data will be backed up and restored in v.3.0.