Remote Backups

I see a few different methods / scripts here on the forums for backups. I’m curious if someone can recommend the best method to achieve what we need. We have 1 Interworx server setup and configured currently and look to join up 2 more to create a cluster (Just for reference)

However, currently we have a CPANEL setup that automatically schedules backups of each client and then will FTP them to a NAS in our physical business location. Its a 10TB NAS that is our “remote” copy just in case.

Does Interworx have any customizable backup solutions that will automatically backup and push these files? I see it can schedule local backups but not seeing how we can get it to create a local backup and push a copy of the files to our remote location.


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(Second Question)

Our other question is that we also have customer with “REMOTE” servers where they host their own websites. We would also like to find a way to pull their data from their servers/mysql and back them up in our system. Any suggestions on this?

Hi viridiangeeks

I’ve just read quickly but you should be able to set backups to ftp directly to your nas

If you want a local copy left on Iw server, I think you can set 2 backups, 1 local and 1 ftp

I don’t know your setup, but my thought would be to connect your nas to server by nfs, the schedule a cron to rsync backups to nas

We use R1soft which works lovely

Your second question perhaps needs more explaining as I’m struggling to understand it sorry, so my initial thought from what I think I understood was why not back it up to nas separately, and not to the Iw server

Many thanks