Remove Account

I had run some tests the past few weeks with WhoisCart and I created an extra domain or two in Nodeworx (2 seperate Siteworx accounts).

I removed them from the list of Siteworx accounts in Nodeworx but the /home/<domain> folders stayed.

I tried to manually remove them just now and now I keep getting emails from Cron stating:

ERROR: creating ‘/home/googleco/var/’: No such file or directory
/bin/chgrp: failed to get attributes of /home/googleco/var/': No such file or directory /bin/chown: failed to get attributes of /home/googleco/var/’: No such file or directory
/bin/chmod: failed to get attributes of `/home/googleco/var/’: No such file or directory

I went into DNS Management in Nodeworx and erased those 2 entries there and I continue to get the emails although I can’t see any sign of on my server anywhere. (no conf files for it in /etc/httpd/conf.d or anywhere else).

What should I do? Is this normal?

EDIT: Weirdly enough, if i do a “locate google”, all the folders I removed still appear. I guess that’s a Linux thing.

Last question about Interworx 2.0 for now - is there a reason there’s now a seperate ROOT logged into the bash shell (because of all the bash stuff in 2.0, I assume it’s necessary). But is this new? Or was there always a seperate bash shell logged in? I rebooted my system and got 2 emails about root logging in (i have it set to that) and since I haven’t rebooted 1.9 since I added the email notify - i wasn’t sure. Is this a requirement?

As far as the first part goes, it looks like a cron job is trying to create caches of statistics. That I can’t help you with. The directories staying are a good policy so you have to remove them yourself by hand. Don’t want to accedently wipe out anything.

“locate” uses a cache. Its impractical to serach the entire system each time you want to locate something. The cache will get re-created eventually. The find command doesn’t use a cache, btw.

Don’t know about the last one. I pulled a muscle in my back and can’t really think right now :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply =) I know I could edit the crontab and remove the stat creator but I don’t want to have to do that. I just want to delete any traces of those 2 domains and have crontab stop doing that for those 2 domains (it sends me an email every 5 mins! the cron job is set to 5 minute intervals).

What i’ve done in the mean time is created the /home/googleco/var/ and copied another domain’s ftp.rrd there in the mean time. I got a nasty email about 294% usage and stuff =)

I’m just waiting on someone to tell me how to erase all traces of the domain.

Thanks for the info about locate =)