Remove IP from server

I added an IP address in IP management that shouldn’t be there and I don’t see a way to remove it… any ideas? Searching the forums yielded nothing.


Hi Cliff-

Here are the docs for how to remove an IP address:

If that doesn’t work, or I’m not understanding the situation correctly, please open up a support ticket and we’ll be happy to check it out.


Worked after some fiddling

The procedure to remove an IP sort-of worked as advertised… the ‘bad’ IP was already showing in the list as Inactive and Unused… clicking the checkbox and selecting commit did nothing… I had to make the IP active in the system and then make it inactive again before it was deleted…

Thanks for the assistance.


Ok. I have a question here that is sort of related. I have a vps with a host. They gave me an ip address which conflicted with one on another vps. When the support ticket was resolved I had agreed to get a new ip address but the old one is still in the panel. “Active on system” is set to No but I can still add stuff to it. Nothing is on that IP yet I cannot delete it. “Active in IWorx-CP” doesn’t have a dropdown box. Is there a way to manually delete it?