Rename RoundCube's "Junk" folder to "Spam"

InterWorx uses “Spam” for the folder that SpamAssassin delivers spam. Today we had an interesting issue: RoundCube’s locale file maps “Spam” to “Junk” so when you see your folder listing it says “Junk” instead of “Spam.” If a user tries to create the “Spam” folder, it errors because the “Spam” folder truly already exists.

That thread leads me to believe InterWorx changed “Junk” to “Spam” so it would provide the correct folder listing by default, but did not edit the locale file (see the last post) so the junk folder would actually be called “Spam.” Once I made that change, RoundCube behaved like the other webmail packages and just like our mail applications.

InterWorx: If you are in fact providing a customized RPM for RoundCube, can you please include this fix in the next release?