Renewing an installed SSL certificate


I just got an email from my SSL cerificate issuer that our NodeWorx SSL certificate is about to expire.

I have already bought the new certificate.

But now, I’m doubtful on how to proceed to renew it on the server.

How do you go about renewing an already installed SSL certificate on NodeWorx?

I thought I better ask before I mess up something :rolleyes:

Thanks for all your help.



wow! no responses… :confused:
This must be a really dumb question

Let me get this straight, you’re wanting to change the SSL Certificate that protects the :2443 port for nodeworx/siteworx?

If so, Login to Nodeworx > Server > SSL Certificates > InterWorx SSL.

The certificate has been working fine, but it will expire in a few days.
I just bought another Cert from the same issuer to renew it.
But to configure the new one, they are asking me for the CSR and I cannot seem to find that anywhere .
If I go to Nodeworx > Server > SSL Certificates there is no CSR anywhere.
I want to renew the cert without messing anything in the process.
Thanks for your response.


The CSR is not stored for the nodeworx certificates. You can generate a new CSR via the nodeworx interface however, and have it e-mailed to you automatically.