Repost from Beergarden: How to add an Apache module

Sorry but I got no big help in the beergarden, and hope somebody here can help me:

I have found the following “Bandwidth Thottling” module for Apache

However I get stock in the installation which says:

“To install mod_bwshare with static linkage, create a directory apache/src/modules/bwshare in your apache source tree.”

Where is my Apache Source tree?

I browsed all over and cannot find it!


I bleieve

[root@iworx modules]# dir  

Thanks Tim.

But what are so files? I am totally lost here! The instructions in the link I posted does not do me any good. Damn :frowning:

I really need a throttle module on my server as people who download large video clips slows down everything.

Those files are the other apache modules, I suspect the instructions you posted are for apache 1.3.3, I haven’t had time to read them so I 'm not sure, but I can’t find a directory like


In fact there is no “apache” directory at all that I can find, with 2.0 the name of apache changed to httpd